Monday, June 27, 2011

Jolly Holly, Hi-Def 04, and Call You Later

Okay, so I know this manicure is ridiculously St. Patrick's Day-y for summer, but I don't even care! I love green and I'm not going to apologize for throwing an absurd amount of it on my nails on a day that is not celebrated with drinking green beer (which would match my nails perfectly, by the way)!
Anywho, small rant aside, this is very probably my next St. Patrick's Day manicure (though I don't partake in the excessive drinking of green anything, I do enjoy dressing up for the occasion). The darker green on three of my fingers is China Glaze Jolly Holly and the lime green is Sally Hansen Hi-Def 04 (I actually wore the Sally Hansen color to my high school graduation, which made the the most daring person ever, apparently). I then put Sinful Colors Call You Later glitter over top of both of them because I was apparently experiencing some sort of green fever. I did two coats of Jolly Holly, four coats of the Sally Hansen because it's extremely opaque, and then a generous helping of glitter because I'm in looove with it. I covered all of that with a coat (from a brand new bottle!) of SV.
(And I'd like to apologize for the large number of parentheticals in this post. Heheee)

Looooove, right???

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