Thursday, May 26, 2011

Livin' a Teenage Dream

This seriously may be one of my favorite polishes ever. Yes, this is five coats because I just kept piling it on and on and on because it's so sparkly I just wanna take a bath in it. In the sun, it is perfection. This is the first polish in I can't remember how long that I've been wearing for two days because I don't wanna take it off. That's how much I love it.
Teenage Dream is from the OPI Katy Perry collection, and I think it's my favorite one. This is five coats of Teenage Dream. It starts out a little transparent but is opaque by about the third coat. Because there's so much just glitter in there, I put a coat of gel-ous on and then my SV. Made it much smoother.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nice is Nice

I was a little worried about Essie's Nice is Nice, but since it's part of the discontinued French collection, it was 50% off at CVS, so I bought it. It is literally the same color as OPI's Rumple's Wiggin' from the Shrek Collection, a pale purple. Which is not to say that I don't like this color, it's just a perfect dupe for the OPI one. Or the OPI is a perfect dupe for the Essie. Whichever way that would go.
I still love the polish though. It's so springy/summery and dainty and cute.

My Private Jet

OPI My Private Jet is possibly one of my favorite polishes. It's a lovely grey with little specks of silver glitter. It makes me feel so glamorous. This is two coats.
Sorry this post is short but I'm in class and people are looking at me strangely lol.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Python nails in Vogue!

Literally and figuratively.
Not sure how I feel about this, but I tend to shy away from animal print.
Nonetheless, the idea is pretty cool! Read about it here.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Coat Azure

Now THIS I like! This is Essie's Coat Azure from the French Affair collection. They're on sale at CVS for 50% off, so I bought ALL OF THEM! This is a lovely bluish sparkly color that actually kinda does look like the ocean. I think it's wonderful. And this is two coats.

Sugar Daddy

Essie's Sugar Daddy is pretty, but I'm so disappointed in it. I had to do four coats to even get some semblance of color. And yes, maybe I was looking for something in this polish that wasn't ever going to be there, but I wanted a cute bubblegum pink! So upsetting.
I took it off twenty minutes later. So boring.
Maybe good for another time, but as far as neutral polishes go, my favorite is still Essie Jackie Oh-My!
Oh well.
Also, on an unrelated note, I just want you to know that I have been posting things. For some reason the dates got way messed up on the Tauped posting and the Shania Twain one and everything I posted since then went after those two, so it looks like I haven't been posting anything. This will be the first post going in the right order.


Another purchase from my apparently ill-fated Target trip! Sonia Kashuk #16 (weird?) Tauped. I'm on a taupe kick because of these awesome shoes that I bought from ModCloth, the oddly named Traipsing About Town Wedge:

Weirdly the same color-ish! Not that I would ever wear them together lol.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shania Twain, circa 2011

I was at Target the other day and made the mistake of going down the nail polish aisle and spotted this Nicole by OPI polish, You're S-Teal the One. I generally shy away from the Nicole by OPI polishes because I feel like it's an OPI knockoff, and I might as well just buy OPI for the money. But I saw this one and the color, and the sparkle and read the name, and I was sold! I've been in a Shania Twain-y kinda mood lately, you know, singing "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!" on my way to school and such. But look at the sparkless!!!

Also, the brush was AWESOME. Like, seriously, AWESOME. It says on the bottle that they put a new perfect stroke brush in, and they weren't kidding. It was AMAZING.

Worth it.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I've been hearing so much about this color! I think the technical term is "greige", but either way I really like it. This is three coats of Essie Chinchilly, but I could have gotten away with two, I just messed up my pinky on the second coat so I had to do another one. I just feel so luxurious and glamorous in this color! I feel like I have another color like it, but this one went on so wonderfully with thick coats, and I just love the Essie formula. Love it!

Clubbing Till Sunrise

This color is so much prettier in the bottle. Not that I don't like the color, it just isn't all that unique to me. I realized later that I used to have a Finger Paints that's a perfect dupe for this. Of course, I can't remember the name of the polish and it's long discontinued.
This is three coats of OPI Clubbing Till Sunrise with a coat of SV on top.

It does kind of sparkle though, doesn't it?

Zoya Free Gift!


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Fine Print

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Friday, May 20, 2011


I've been staring at this color for literally FOREVER. Or at least since the Revlon Top Speed polishes came out lol. So I finally broke down and bought it yesterday at the CVS buy one get one half off of Revlon sale thing. And I'm so happy I did! It's A LOT darker than in this first picture, it's more like the one I said below. And it actually did dry super fast, and I didn't put a top coat on because of that. Looking at it a few hours later though, it's not really shiny enough for my taste so you may want to put a top coat on as a precautionary measure. This is Revlon Top Speed Royal.

Not nearly this bright. More of a navy.

These are more accurate pictures (below)

Chick Flick Cherry

All I can say
I had a job interview this morning so I figured I should tone my nails down. I had this OPI Chick Flick Cherry in my drawer and it looked like a normal-ish red. I've had it for years, and I don't even think I bought it. I think I stole it from my mom lol. Anywho, I apparently didn't buy it for good reason. I don't know if it's just old polish or what, but the polish went on super streaky and icky, and it's just not a good color. I also think it's a really old bottle of polish so the brush was rounded and really awkward to use. Throwing it away. And taking it off after two hours.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Okay, so I was finally able to get blogger to post all the ones I had planned, even though I just did them all at once and gave up on the scheduling business. They're posted after the two that have been up there the whole time!


This is a completely unnecessary amount of pictures considering I didn't do anything special with my nails. I was kind of missing being ordinary and just painting them because I like the color and not trying to do anything fancy. I'd had this color sitting on my counter for a few weeks since I bought it and it was just staring at me, reminding me how much I loved it when I bought it. It looked much darker and less sparkly in the bottle, so when I put it on I just loooved it. It's Finger Paints Sketch 'n Etch!