Monday, June 27, 2011

Moondoggie & Not Like the Movies

OPI Not Like the Movies is from the Katy Perry collection (obviously), and it's a really cool color, it just takes so many coats to get it so that you can't see the nail. I figured I'd try to layer it over a color this time. I put it over Orly Moondoggie, which may not have been my best idea ever, as it is already a fairly shiny color, and you really can't see the OPI very much. But it does give it a cool purple-ish glimmer.
I just love the name of the Orly color, and it was a lovely surprise to see how nicely it turned out considering I got it for a dollar or two at Ulta a super long time ago!
Anywhooo, this is two coats of Orly Moondoggie under a coat of OPI Not Like the Movies.
Thoughts? I'm thinking next time I'll put Not Like the Movies over a lighter, less shiny color. That way you'll probably be able to see it better.

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