Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You're A Doll!

I think I should start this particular post off by saying that I was calling people "doll" long before Khloe Kardashian made it cool.
In any event, knowing that piece of information about me, it should come as no shock that when I saw the name of this particular polish (in Publix, of all places), I had no choice but to get it! I actually tried it out over the Finger Paints Art Her-Story and it looked super cool, but I wanted to see what it looked like for realsies.
This is three coats of OPI You're A Doll with a coat of SV on top. It's really, really opaque, and it took three coats just to get it so that you couldn't see my nail line anymore. Hopefully I'll like it more once I try it over a funky color! The name made it worth it though loll.