Friday, July 1, 2011

Moon Over Mumbai & Coconut Kiss

I am so proud of this manicure. I know that I just did one with a corner of color, but I loved it so much, I couldn't help but do it again. And seriously, this one turned out so much better. I used OPI Moon Over Mumbai as the base and then China Glaze Coconut Kiss for the corner. I had to do about four coats of Moon Over Mumbai to get it to have full-on coverage, and even at that you could still kind of see the nail line. It's okay though, because the color is gorgeous and oh-so-summery, I think. And then Coconut Kiss is basically just a glittery royal purple, but it worked so well with Moon Over Mumbai, which is kind of a grayish-purplish color.
And then I covered it all with a coat of SV. Super simple, but I'm just in love with it!

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